[V8] Retorqueing heads

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Fri May 16 07:09:00 PDT 2008

I'm late too...  Here's what I'd try in the cheap sneak and  pray.
Buy a set of new head bolts.  Pull each bolt out 1 at a time, and  replace 
with a new one and torque to factory spec.  
Head bolts are stretch bolts, I measured a set once, they stretch something  
in the hood of 5mm+ torqued.  Once heat cycled, your risk of snapping one  
increases exponentially, so does the risk of ruining the head, and/or ruining  
the block.  Chances are really good you need to go in and replace the head  
gasket.  The *only* other way I'd consider doing this is to do 5 hail  mary's, and 
replace the bolts 1 at a time (start with the center and follow the  bolt 
replacement as you would the torque procedure) and torque each completely  to 
final spec, move on to the next.  Good luck....
HTH and my .02
Scott J
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David.Coleman at blackrock.com writes:

Just out  of curiosity, as I haven't been following this thread...

Have you ever  torqued down a V8 cylinder head?  The specs are massive, and 
going that  last factory-spec 1/4 turn as specified in the Bentley is 
harrowing, to me at  least.   I felt like I was either going to snap the wrench, the  
bolt, or spin the whole car around.

I guess before worrying about  *over* torquing it, consider two things:

- check to make sure it's in  spec first..
- perhaps get a new set of head bolts and replace them all,  rather than 
retorquing the existing ones (which are supposed to be replaced,  not reused).

Again, I'm late to the party here, so please don't act on  my two cents alone.


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> If I were to torque the  cylinder heads in my 92 V8 4.2 a bit over the 
specified to
> try and  stop the ever-so-leaking right cylinder head...
> Could I try  to turn the bolts 1/8 of a turn? 1/4?


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