[V8] Retorqueing heads

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Fri May 16 08:25:04 PDT 2008

I argue you don't have a headbolt torque problem.  The way a  stretch bolt 
works is that it will reach it's tensile strength, then  stretch.  If you try to 
overtorque it, it may stretch more, but more likely  it will break.  Those 
twisted head bolts on the v8 are used on turbo motors  putting out a lot more 
cylinder pressure than a 4.2 v8 will ever.  IME, a  properly done head gasket 
R&R doesn't leak on a v8 motor.  I just don't  see overtorquing solving the 
problem, more likely creating a larger one.   I'd look at the possibility that you 
have possibly stripped one of the head bolt  holes.  I have seen that.
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dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net writes:

As I've explained in my other thread (V8 leaking oil... again... and  
again..), I've just replaced the head gaskets, along with about every other  gasket 
in the engine.
The engine was leak free for about 200-300 km, then it started to leak  again.
This is why I'm wondering how you people feel about overtorqueing the  heads.
I've done this to lots of engines, but they never had stretch bolts and  the 
block were made out of cast iron.
92 V8 4.2
202 000 miles - not completely leak free...


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