[V8] Retorqueing heads

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Fri May 16 11:55:03 PDT 2008

There is a really good thread on head bolt torque and torque to yield bolts  
on the Scar list.  I'll try to dig it up.  I've serviced plenty of v8,  
torquing the headbolts to factory spec, and have had no problem.  The bolt  is 
stretching towards the yield point before you get to the second 90  turn.  IIRC 
that translates to like 83-86lb feet (amazingly what ARP calls  for their head 
studs).  I just don't see going to the breaking point of the  yield spec 
accomplishing what you are looking to do.  If you really think  it's a bolt clamping 
issue, put ARP's in it.  I still argue, it's not  a head bolt generated 
my .02
Scott J 
In a message dated 5/16/2008 11:56:15 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net writes:

If that  were the case, wouldn't the head gasket blow? The car is leaking oil 
in small  amounts, and it seems that lots of other people have this  problem.



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