[V8] Retorqueing heads

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Fri May 16 14:17:13 PDT 2008

Using the wrong device to accomplish the task.  If you want to go this  way 
in thinking and action = ARP.  The twisted head bolt isn't  designed to solve 
this problem as presented.
In a message dated 5/16/2008 4:03:43 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
pjager at telus.net writes:

For sure  it's not a head bolt problem.

It's a sealing problem. Force of oil  pressure v.s. surface area for the
seal. There is that small dia. oil pipe  rear drivers, front side passenger
at the end of the head.

Reducing  the clearance of this gap between head and block, by compressing
the head  gasket a bit more you reduce but not eliminate the flow. That's
all. A  workaround we are talking here to make things more liveable.

The head  gasket won't blow and will be fine around all other sealing  points.


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