[V8] oil leaks and such

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Mon May 19 20:03:01 PDT 2008

I'm from Kansas, who apparently while sandwiched between two emissions 
states (Colorado and Missouri) gives the big ol' Familiar Digit to the 
environment and has adamently refused emissions requirements, so I'm not 
entirely familiar with the process...

...do old vehicles (a 1983 Ranger, for instance) get easier emissions 
standards or grandfathered in?

~Scott S.

Dave Saad wrote:

>First off, the good news.  My poor old V8 has not been on a good road  
>trip in years - instead suffering the humiliation of sitting in the  
>garage while I drive my old clunker Ranger. Well - we took it down to  
>Jackpot and boy was it fun to finally drive it how it wants to be  
>driven.  More than a few times the girls in the back seat would say  
>"hey - you are doing 100 MPH".  Yup. I sure was.  Not a drop of  
>burned or leaked oil either.  I got 22 MPG average which I thought  
>was OK considering I was running 87 octane fuel and had four people  
>in there.  I swear it is sitting in the garage smiling now.
>And a boring note on the ranger - it failed emissions (high speed CO)  
>so I gave it a tune up.  It still had the OEM (1983) plug wires, cap  
>and rotor.  One plug wire was clear off the cap and a 3/4 inch spark  
>was passing from the corroded green cap post through the rotten boot  
>to fire the old worn out plug so well that I did not really notice a  
>misfire.  In fact, the motor somehow passed low speed tests. The coil  
>wire was also badly corroded.
>Total cost in parts for complete ignition parts and carb kit was  
>$178.  I put the new parts in, tuned it by ear, and it flew through  
>emission testing today. Runs a whole lot better too!
>On the persistent oil leaks,  someone here pointed out that seals can  
>have different lip offsets. Make sure this is not a problem.  I know  
>I had a really hard time getting the rear main seal installed without  
>knocking off the lip seal spring.  I suppose that could happen on  
>smaller seals too.  The dye trick should pinpoint the problem for you  
>too. It worked great for me on my last coolant leak.
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