[V8] 1991 V8 Transmission problems

mike dodge dodgem at paradise.net.nz
Sun May 25 04:25:41 PDT 2008

Im trying to help a friend in transmission shop with a 1991 audi V8
Quattro Automatic:

Chassis C42 G16
Engine code PT 3200cc V8
Trans AFV 4 stage quattro ZF transmission
Trans ECU bosch 0260 002 195, Audi 441 927 156M, ZF 0501 004 148

I tried to scan with X431 using the Audi 4 (2+2) connector with no
luck. All I get is a locked data line. Car has a bank of four
connectors under the floor board of the passengers footwell (right hand drive) and identified as:
1 power
2 Transmission
3 Engine
4 Instriment cluster

The car will drive in limp mode(all the shift positions are lit up on
the cluster.)Trans has been overhauled and found to be in excellent

Is this chassis likely to be the older "slow" data transfer system?
Can it be read with Vag com?
Is it possible to get flash codes?
Does anyone have any data about diagnosing this car??

Its now been several months not going and the trans shop has given up and the owner has also.
Any Help much appretiated!

New Zealand

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