[V8] Jaguar XF

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Sun May 25 05:07:25 PDT 2008

I just read the Autoweek short review of this new, supercharged V8.  The
reason I read it was because I think the car isn't terribly bad looking in
profile, and I know that the overall quality of these cars has improved
quite a lot, even though there are very, very few dealers scattered about.

Hmmm.  420 horsepower, and six speed automatic.  More electronic gizzies,
including some sort of electronic shift quadrant that magically rises up out
of the console, and a starter button (Say:  What?) that pulses (!) when

How does it drive and handle?  Well, ok, I guess is the consensus, although
in the short review, most of the print space was taken up describing the
electronic gizzies that will probably fail three minutes after the warranty
expires.  Six speed automatic with paddle shifters.

17.6 to 18 miles per gallon.  Sixty-five THOUSAND dollars.  Just a tad more
than 4000 pounds.

Now, premium fuel, which this thing probably needs, is a bit more than $4
per gallon this morning.  Aside from lousy market timing, I wonder what you
really get.  

And so I am thinking about my V8 Quattro.  Yeah, it's 18 years old.  It
weighs about as much as the Jag, but when I last drove it more than a few
miles, it averaged a bit more than 23 miles per gallon (Yes:  the computer
measured against the pad of paper going known distances).  

No paddle shifters.  No, not 420 horsepower, and it does have 62,000 more
miles than the Jag.

But at about $7000 once it is fully ready to go, with taxes, major service,
new tires and insurance paid, I like it a whole lot better.

And those 180 horsepower that the Jag has more than my V8?  Well, my first
reaction is that they would probably not get me to the ticket any faster
than the V8, and when the first three inches of snow falls in November, my
V8's 240 horses will be warm and in the barn while the Jag is still trying
to find traction up the driveway.


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