[V8] whur whur whur

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Tue May 27 22:55:41 PDT 2008

Well, just for fun try removing the gas cap and retightneing it.  I  
got stuck in ID and after trying a bunch of stuff,including some  
acetone in the intake, I removed the gas cap and reinstalled it and  
it sparked right up.  I know it's a known issue on the diesel truck,  
and have no idea why it worked for me 10 miles from the highway on a  
non-traveled road, but it did.  I recently removed the reference/ 
speed sensors, and the speed one tested bad.  After pulling them  
out,and cleaning all the crud off them, they both test good.  Seemed  
to solve the problem...Tom

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