[V8] Subject: heater core?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Thu Nov 20 09:59:38 PST 2008

Well, I am in the process of doing this nasty little job.  I have found that
the spring is intact and in excellent condition.  The door is open, and the
end of the spring cut through the plastic mounting point.  

I am not built for this job.  I am 5'9" tall and weigh something in the
neighborhood of 230...think of someone built like a Welsh coal miner, and
you have the picture.  I have fairly short fingers and pretty thick hands so
this is beyond being an entertaining project.

Did you mean that the door itself will come out easily?  I can see where
there is carpet that was glued to the back of the door and that has come
off, or maybe was pulled off at some point?  IF the door can come off then I
will be able to put the spring back in place although I am not sure how I
will secure the end of the spring.  The plastic arms that the mounting point
straddles has holes in it a bit further in, and I am wondering if I could
just hook the end of the spring around that point and then bring it down to
the door?  It would require stretching out the spring about 1/2-3/4" I
think, but the spring would never cut through all that plastic and I think
it would take quite a long time for the spring to break...pretty tough
little bugger that spring!

Right now, I feel the need for some long needle nose pliers which I do not
own, so I guess I will make a run to Napa and see what is available for
cheap for this one project.

As usual, all comments are appreciated!


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There are those, obviously with skinnier arms and greater dexterity than I,
who make the spring repairs with glove box in place, but not this guy.  If
I recall correctly (and don't bet on that either), the glovebox assembly
comes out as a unit if you loosen a couple of the Alan head screws in the
top of the box and remove a couple covered by the dash endcap and then bump
the assembly toward the end of the dash.  I have a shortened 4 (I think) mm
Alan key where I cut down the short leg to get a little clearence so I
could slide it in and out of the screws in the top of the glovebox.  Lotsa
patience required.

Common problems with the spring are that one end breaks off or the spring
cut through the plastic mounting up inside the box.  I've heard of folks
bending another spring winding enough to produce a new end, but I think you
can get a replacement for pretty cheap if the spring end is broken.

If the spring is intact, it'll be hanging from the anchoring fixture in the
trap door.  That thing is designed to slide out with something like a 1/4
or 1/2 turn and (I believe), an 8mm hex driver.  I've always found it
easier to hang the spring from the box mounting and then attach to the door

If the spring did, indeed, cut its way through the plastic bar up in the
evap box, I've used a small piece of aluminum folded over the bar to
reinforce it.  Never had a spring cut through that.  Others have folded a
similar piece of maybe heavier metal over the bar and put holes in it to
run the spring end through.

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Investigation complete.

By establishing an entirely new treatment protocol for my chiropractor, I
was able to look up inside of the grilled that is underneath everything
important near the heater core in back of the glove box.

Yup, sure enough. There is a spring hanging down loose.  

A couple of screws and the grille will come down, and then I can figure out
what to do with the damned spring.  Hopefully it has just come loose.  

Interestingly enough one of the points at which the grille is held in place
isn't connected to the grill....the screw is there but it didn't connect to
the grille.  Makes me wonder if someone has been in there before me.

We'll see, but I am pretty sure that a simple fix is at hand.  

It also seems very clear that the easiest way to gain access is by removal
of the glove box itself first.  But I do not want to go there right now.

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