[V8] Subject: heater core?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Thu Nov 20 10:47:32 PST 2008

Its on the upper end.  The place where the spring fastens to the door is

I have bought a pair of angled needle nose pliers that are long enough to
reach all the way up inside the recirc box...so I CAN get all the way in.
Now the fun part will be to hook the spring and then pull it our while
holding the door open.  At least I think it will be nasty.

Chilly outside, too, of course, and the garage is still not emptied out for
cars or mechanical adventures.


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Is the plastic mounting point that the spring cut through on he door itself
or on the other end where there is about an inch-long plastic rod that the
spring loops over?


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> Well, I am in the process of doing this nasty little job.  I 
> have found that the spring is intact and in excellent 
> condition.  The door is open, and the end of the spring cut 
> through the plastic mounting point.  
> I am not built for this job.  I am 5'9" tall and weigh 
> something in the neighborhood of 230...think of someone built 
> like a Welsh coal miner, and you have the picture.  I have 
> fairly short fingers and pretty thick hands so this is beyond 
> being an entertaining project.
> Did you mean that the door itself will come out easily?  I 
> can see where there is carpet that was glued to the back of 
> the door and that has come off, or maybe was pulled off at 
> some point?  IF the door can come off then I will be able to 
> put the spring back in place although I am not sure how I 
> will secure the end of the spring.  The plastic arms that the 
> mounting point straddles has holes in it a bit further in, 
> and I am wondering if I could just hook the end of the spring 
> around that point and then bring it down to the door?  It 
> would require stretching out the spring about 1/2-3/4" I 
> think, but the spring would never cut through all that 
> plastic and I think it would take quite a long time for the 
> spring to break...pretty tough little bugger that spring!
> Right now, I feel the need for some long needle nose pliers 
> which I do not own, so I guess I will make a run to Napa and 
> see what is available for cheap for this one project.
> As usual, all comments are appreciated!
> Roger
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> There are those, obviously with skinnier arms and greater 
> dexterity than I, who make the spring repairs with glove box 
> in place, but not this guy.  If I recall correctly (and don't 
> bet on that either), the glovebox assembly comes out as a 
> unit if you loosen a couple of the Alan head screws in the 
> top of the box and remove a couple covered by the dash endcap 
> and then bump the assembly toward the end of the dash.  I 
> have a shortened 4 (I think) mm Alan key where I cut down the 
> short leg to get a little clearence so I could slide it in 
> and out of the screws in the top of the glovebox.  Lotsa 
> patience required.
> Common problems with the spring are that one end breaks off 
> or the spring cut through the plastic mounting up inside the 
> box.  I've heard of folks bending another spring winding 
> enough to produce a new end, but I think you can get a 
> replacement for pretty cheap if the spring end is broken.
> If the spring is intact, it'll be hanging from the anchoring 
> fixture in the trap door.  That thing is designed to slide 
> out with something like a 1/4 or 1/2 turn and (I believe), an 
> 8mm hex driver.  I've always found it easier to hang the 
> spring from the box mounting and then attach to the door fixture.
> If the spring did, indeed, cut its way through the plastic 
> bar up in the evap box, I've used a small piece of aluminum 
> folded over the bar to reinforce it.  Never had a spring cut 
> through that.  Others have folded a similar piece of maybe 
> heavier metal over the bar and put holes in it to run the 
> spring end through.
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> Investigation complete.
> By establishing an entirely new treatment protocol for my 
> chiropractor, I was able to look up inside of the grilled 
> that is underneath everything important near the heater core 
> in back of the glove box.
> Yup, sure enough. There is a spring hanging down loose.  
> A couple of screws and the grille will come down, and then I 
> can figure out what to do with the damned spring.  Hopefully 
> it has just come loose.  
> Interestingly enough one of the points at which the grille is 
> held in place isn't connected to the grill....the screw is 
> there but it didn't connect to the grille.  Makes me wonder 
> if someone has been in there before me.
> We'll see, but I am pretty sure that a simple fix is at hand.  
> It also seems very clear that the easiest way to gain access 
> is by removal of the glove box itself first.  But I do not 
> want to go there right now.
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