[V8] V8 Excitement and a warning/suggestion

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Sun Nov 23 09:51:30 PST 2008

I reported some time back, after having two inconvenient brake hose
failures on two different cars that I'm making replacing all four hoses and
the clutch MC hose a part of a timing belt replacement.

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Subject: [V8] V8 Excitement and a warning/suggestion

So I was running some errands with mom in the '93 V8 yesterday and
am Southbound driving with traffic on our 4 lane side of Woodward Avenue at
about 45 mph, coming up to a light that has been and still is green for us
right-of-wayers when lo and behold this lady in her hybrid minivan decides
to take the turnaround (despite her red light warning) from northbound to
southbound, apparently not judging our collective group's speed accordingly.

This was roughly 100 plus feet from me.  I naturally jab the brakes with all
my might, hit the horn and feel the car slow as I watch the look of
horror/confusion/apology on that woman's face as I (she decided to stop so
that I could broadside her without her having to be hit by multiple vehicles
it seems) targeted the side of her vehicle (which is why I knew it was a
hybrid -- saw that green hybrid logo -- what brand, I don't know and don't
care).  I was just waiting and waiting for the inevitable.  Pirelli P210
Snow tires and ABS...and..and..STOP.

Not more than an 1" from my front bumper.  A quick sigh and mouthed apology
through the window and she's off. The car behind me didn't hit me either.
Mom couldn't believe it, but we were OK. So all's well, right?  Well, not
exactly.  The brakes grab at the top of travel - fade to nothing for middle
pedal and then grab again at the bottom.  Drive home gingerly and inspect
for blown brakehose/line.  Aha!  The right rear rubber hose had blown.  Hmm.
15 years.  Of course no one had one in stock (hey, it's Saturday). For $20 a
hose I suggest the preventive maintenance of replacing all of them.
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