[V8] I was wondering if anybody could take a look at a vehicle (Denver)

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at mac.com
Tue Nov 25 17:44:18 PST 2008

The vehicle is a 1999 Audi A8 in Denver.

I am aware it is missing one center armrest. If you could take a look at 
the car and verify against the A8 checklist located at audipages.com 
that would be most excellent. My neighbor has put me in charge of 
finding a A8 for her and I gladly will do it. So if one of you residing 
in denver could do this I would be very thankful.


If you are able I can contact the gentleman I was talking to there and 
let know when you would drop by and they will have it out and ready :)
Thanks, Greg

93 Audi V8Q, 98 Audi A8

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