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Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 18:15:20 PST 2008

Good points, Roger.
However, in my case it was the rubber brake line that burst and I'm  
with Kneale in the belief that one should replace the rubber bits  
every TB change or so.
As to the steel lines, absolutely check them.
I inspected the burst line and found it (the rubber hose) burst right  
at the fitting that attaches to the hard line at the body.
Whether it would have shown up at an inspection -- I don't know.


On Nov 26, 2008, at 6:44 PM, Roger Woodbury wrote:

> Here in Maine is is now very different than in the olden days.
> We have an annual inspection and in order for the car to pass it  
> cannot be
> leaking anything from anywhere, no rust through on the body, and  
> everything
> that is supposed to be working when the car left the factory, must be
> working at time of inspection:  ie:  no lights on the dash.
> However in the past year there is now a new requirement for intact  
> and non
> corroded brake lines.  What this means is that the car is put on a  
> lift and
> the brake lines are ALL inspected, and if anything is suspect the  
> car fails
> and the brake lines must be replaced.
> There is amply good reason for this because for the past few years  
> the Maine
> DOT has been sanding and salting roads in the winter here using  
> some sort of
> obnoxious stuff that melts the ice and snow all right, and also  
> destroys the
> underpinnings of cars, beginning with but not limited to, brakelines.
> I have heard that they are changing the formula for this stuff  
> because so
> many people have complained...complete brake line replacement every  
> two
> years is simply not affordable for an awful lot of people here, me  
> included.
> There is also a new brake line material that is being used that is  
> not made
> of steel as the old ones were. This new tubing is very bendable by  
> hand and
> will not rust out EVER.  More expensive than the old fashioned  
> steel but
> infinitely better.
> Roger

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