[V8] beautiful

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Thu Nov 27 19:42:31 PST 2008


Sorry to hear about the problems your running into. It sounds like you
might (at least I do) about the ability or capability of the place you
have the V8 at right now. If you could please post a location where the
V8 is there may be a more able or capable shop around to do the work
that someone on the list could suggest. 

The possibility of the trans not working at all is certainly a
possibility, and you could (100%) get a used transmission for the V8 for
about $500, there are several of them out there, then you have the labor
to remove and replace it, which I'm guessing would be another $500 or
so. Depending on who you bought the trans from, you may find that you
can get it for a lot less.. 

Good luck. 

Scott P

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