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Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Fri Nov 28 05:20:28 PST 2008

Wendy Teal wrote:
> I am having my doubts about it being the whole transmission too, let me tell 
> you exactly how it happened and with you guys being sooo smart it might ring 
> a bell.....I occasionally have used the 'sport' mode function with no 
> troubles....(mind you I have had the 3 months)...So after it was switched 
> into sport mode this last time. The throttle blew wide open.....Then there 
> was no pressure in the gas pedal, it was all floppy, same as the switch for 
> the sport mode, it now spins with zero resistance...

I'll give you some more thoughts...

The V8 automatic transmission is problematic.  There is a seal inside
that, when it starts to fail, (I may not get this exactly right, but
I think the general idea is correct) lets engine oil seep into the
transmission. This causes a mechanical failure in the transmission
that means it must be rebuilt (difficult) or replaced (expensive).

Some owners periodically (yearly, every 30K miles) flush the fluid
from the transmission -- out with the bad, in with the good. But this
must be done *before* problems arise.  It may not hurt to have someone
flush your transmission fluid. No guarantees it will fix the problem,
but for $100, you may get lucky.

However, there are also mechanical bits like the shift linkage itself
that may cause the problem.  An Audi specialist, not necessarily a
dealer, may have a better clue than your local all-makes-and-models
repair shop. And given there's a sport-economy-normal switch, there
are also electrical doodads (switches, sensors, wiring) that can

Your best bet would be to find an Audi specialist and let them diagnose
the problem.  If it does need a new transmission, you'll have to decide
if you want to spend the money to fix it (and an old Audi will probably
have more expensive bits to repair (steering rack, brakes, heater cores,
no-longer-available sensors, ignition switch to name a few)) or to cut
your loses and sell it.

Another option, if the transmission is bad, is to convert it to a manual
transmission (5-speed).  It won't be any cheaper, it may be more expensive,
but you won't have a transmission problem until the clutch needs to be
replaced in 100K+ miles.

Single mom needing a reliable car for work?  You may be better off
with a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

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