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... I've never dealt with an automatic transmission problem, but it is my
understanding that the tranny codes blink out through the PRNDL display.
The only cars which have the check engine light hooked up are the California
cars ... I wonder if any cars imported to Canada have them.  If you need to
blink ECU codes chances are you'll need a separate lamp/LED setup ... as
described on the SJMautotechnik site I referenced before.  

Good luck!
Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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the throttle being stuck is a common problem with these cars. The throttle
pedal is attached to a cable thats routed to the back of the motor. The
cable end is connected to a linkage that has a rod attached to it & goes
under the Intake & ends in the front of the Intake attached to the throttle
switch (WOT switch). Were the throttle rod goes underneith the Intake there
are roller bearings attached to the rod & they get gummy & stick.
 All so the cruise rod is attached to the linkage @ the back of the motor
were the cable is attached. There is a hard plastic bushing that the cruise
rod goes through & that breaks & causes the wide open throttle issue as
 To properley clean the linkage, bearings, ect you have to take the throttle
body off the front of the motor to properly clean/spray the bearings.

 As far as the trans issue........
I suggest haveing the codes pulled. To pull the codes the check engine light
needs to be hooked up. When you turn the key do you see a symbole of an
engine displayed in the center of the instrament cluster? If not then you
need to hook it up.
 To do that you'll need to remove the side carpet pieces on the center
console. Then you have to look on both pass & drivers side for a single
Black connector that is taped to the harness in there.
 But shoot me your phone # it'll be easier to explaine everything to you.
 Don't worry we'll get you through this :-)

Ron Mit 4.2 5sp MONSTER

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> From: Wendy Teal <wanderson16 at cogeco.ca>
> Subject: Re: trans problem
> To: ron_01056 at yahoo.com
> Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 11:36 PM
> Hi Ron...... I have a beautiful but dead 1990 Audi Quattro
> V8 32 valve.....: ( I have only had it 3 months, put a lot
> of $$ into it to be able to safety and buy the car. I bought
> it off a local dr. Well the other day with the change in
> temp. my lovely throttle became stuck wide open while
> driving down the road....the car was/is great running like a
> top.....then this.....so I got it around the block, riding
> with both feet on the brake pedal. ....the next morning had
> it towed to a garage..My friend the mechanic got it all
> apart and found the throttle straightened it right
> out.....bamm, running just like it was supposed to be..Then
> he asks me to drive the car inside his garage to put it back
> together because it was so cold outside, no problem, I hop
> in....put the car in drive and NOTHING happens.....strange,
> try reverse.....works....no forward gears at all.....So to
> end my sad story.....have it towed to a tranny shop, they
> called me today to tell me that it is an 'internal'
> transmission problem and to even rebuild a used one it would
> start at about 1600.00 just for the parts alone.....
> I am so sad. I am a single mom who just recently got into
> real estate and was so in love with this car.....Everything
> works and is in mint shape, we had body work done, brakes,
> drums, alternator rebuilt, heated seats work, the phone even
> still works, the sunroof, it has the whole cold weather
> package in place, the leather is like brand new...I am heart
> broken. I just got it at the end of August....3 months
> ago....I don't have that money to put into it....
> I am having my doubts about it being the whole transmission
> too, let me tell you exactly how it happened .....I
> occasionally have used the 'sport' mode function
> with no troubles....(mind you I have had the 3 months)...So
> after it was switched into sport mode this last time. The
> throttle blew wide open.....Then there was no pressure in
> the gas pedal, it was all floppy, same as the switch for
> the sport mode, it now spins with zero resistance...other
> than that the throttle was fixed no problem the car was
> revving nice and then when I put in drive, 1st 2nd or
> 3rd....nothing happened, only had reverse.....Many people
> have said something about linkage....but I had it towed over
> to the tranny shop and they parked it in the back...never
> drove it in the garage bay ( I could tell because the snow
> never moved off it when I drove by) and then calls me and
> tell me "based on the circumstances we have decided it
> is a 'inner' transmission problem that will need to
> be rebuilt...
> Like I said I am a single Mom and worry that since I really
> have not a clue what I am saying these garages take
> advantage and want to make the maximum $$. I wonder what
> they would say to a man who knows a thing or two?
> yes I am in Canada, southern Ontario, next to the Buffalo
> NY border...
> Sad, sad...
> Wendy

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