[V8] suspension update

Ed Kellock ed.kellock at msn.com
Wed Oct 1 13:24:32 PDT 2008

I finally caved and took my 93 to a shop to have stock springs put in to
replace H&R's.  For some reason, I thought I had Koni Reds in there with
the H&Rs.

When I picked it up and headed home I was _very_ impressed.  Very nice
ride.  Absolutely _none_ of the jiggly wiggly busy ride that Bilstein HDs
have exhibited in my 91 5spd, my 91 Avant, and even in my 83 GTI that I
had long long ago.

I got under the car for another reason yesterday and discovered yellow
tubes marked KONISPORT in the back.  Wow.  I'm trying to remember if these
are supposed to be stiffer than Reds or just what the differences might
be.  I have a brand new set of Reds that I bought a couple years ago for
the 5spd.  I've been trying to get some subjective feedback from various
people who are using them with stock springs, but I think first-person
experience is the only way to know for sure.  If Reds are less aggressive
than Yellows, then I'm pretty sure I'll be pretty happy with them.  I
could always change up what I'm doing and put the Yellows on the 5spd and
vice versa.

Anyway, I've driven about 50 miles of mixed driving, city, interstate, one
passenger and four.  Still really impressed.  It has felt a bit abrupt in
a couple of instances, but still a fraction of anything untoward compared
to the HD's.  I'm really impressed with the rock-steady feel of it.


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