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 The yellows are better IMO than the reds, save a rear linear coil over.? Again, the wheels and tires are key.? In a 0 or +1 the konis tend to be a better fit.? Your biggest gain is in the return to stock ride height IMO.? Type 44 lowered create all sorts of handling issues that few folks address properly.? I put reds at full firm on the 5ktq race car, because they take and give the abuse very well, and can be adjusted to take a pretty stiff spring without sending it out for revalving ala Bilstein.? 

The v8 really needs 17in wheels to handle the heft of the car IMO.? 16's are a bare minimum, and the difference with 17's is significant.? The gains by going 18's is little to none.? If I was running urs4 wheels wtih 225's, I'd space those puppy's out as far as possible.? Like 20mm spacers.? v8's are sensitive to track more than any other chassis IMO/E.? 

18 years of owning and tweeking type 44 chassis cars, including the first full coil overs x4, to me it's easy to find the ride that is 'right' and more specifically, one that is exactly not right.? I put in a lot of lowered springs because I'm told, I don't run them on any of my type 44 cars.? I'm a firm believer that you target your goal, then put together the combo that gets you there.? IME/O there is nothing inherently wrong with Bilsteins.? They do require and are more sensitive to other compromises, like sub-par subframe, worn control arm bushings, worn swaybar bushings, marginal steering damper, and bad alignment.? They also get a bad rap for 'blowing out' which is usually due to not putting in new dust boots on install.? 

Glad the yellows worked for you Ed.? Given the tire and wheel combo, not a bad choice.? That said, I've got several type 44 and C4 chassis running Bilsteins that ride with little compromise as well.? I just don't agree that Bilsteins are somehow a compromise to good dampening.? Then again, I'm also a fan of Boge Turbo Gas shocks on the type 44 as well.? With a properly aligned stock height quattro, they are tough to beat bang for buck.

My .02 arbitraged thru the rising peso

Scott J



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That's where I'm at now, stock ride height.  I have urS4 wheels with Pirello
Pzero Nero 225/50-16.

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