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Interesting observations.? I will be interested to hear how the Konis work going softer with an 18.? IME, that doesn't work 'better'.? WRT handling comments, the v8 is my favorite of the type 44/C4 chassis.? I currently run a stock suspension (every bushing new in last 20k) with 255/40 17's and the level of performance is much higher than a lot of 'sport' suspensions I've driven.? She's heavy, but she dances well.? The 5speed takes more concentration to get right, but I have confidence you'll find it.? 

With 2 3.6 cars and now a 4.2, I'm finding the rewards in working the M mode in the 4.2auto are far better than the 3.6 autos.? The 3.6 cars, I just left in sport mode, and with/without the ABT chip, the shifts were better than I could choose on my own in M mode.? The 4.2 with the TPS based shifting is a different beast.? With the ABT chip, too quick to downshift in E mode, and not quick enough in S mode.? It took me a long time to 'think like a 4speed', but the 4.2 in M mode can really reap the rewards I never got in the 3.6 cars.? All that said around town the 4.2 in econ gets better mileage than either of my 3.6 cars did.? 

I've actually held off doing anything to the suspension (currently stock with Boge turbo Gas), hoping that I will find something that ticks me off regarding the v8 handling.? The 4.2 driveline seems to be less caring about the larger wheels and tires, and the suspension is the first I've had with rubber everything baseline replaced at the same time.? A lot of work for the PO, but a good lesson that a 17year old car with new bushings can be really good.? 

Dave I look forward to more v8 comparos.? I'm grudgingly starting to like the torque of the 4.2 over the 3.6 willingness to zing to redline the 4.2 lacks.? As both my other drivers also reflect the torque philosophy (83 urq with 21psi k24, 94 landcruiser with TRD supercharger), I'm either getting older, wiser, lazy, or a combination of the 3?


Scott J



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My tornado red car has H&Rs and Bilstein sports. I went to 16" Momo 
Ferraris on it soon after the suspension mod. 225/50 tires. Bounced like 
hell in town over the slightest bump - fine on the open road at speed. I 
finally went to 17" Boleros with 245/40 tires. That settled it down - 
the problem was that the suspension wasn't doing enough work with the 
16" tires. Once I went to a lower profile, the suspension had to work 
harder and it settled in quite well.?

The new 5 speed came with H&Rs/Konis set to full soft and 18" rims with 
P-zeros (not sure of the size).?

Now I have the opposite problem - fine in town, but on the freeway it 
will pitch or undulate just enough to irritate - especially at 70-80 mph.?

I expect to adjust the shocks/struts 2 clicks from full soft. I think 
that should be enough added damping to knock this off.?


I will say the either combo REALLY plants the car when I decide to get 
squirrelly with it. My son had a great A4 that he put a lot of thought 
and effort into with respect to suspension (factory sports) and 
rims/tires (Borbet C 17s, which in my opinion go out of round if you 
look wrong at them). He also raced SCCA course once a month done in FL. 
But he would be the first to admit that the V8 blew his A4 away in high 
speed cornering. My thought is still the wider stance and the added 
weight more than anything. We have some wicked decreasing radius 
cloverleafs down here that we love playing on. The V8 just clamps down 
and doesn't let go (don't lift!).?

I'm still feeling my way with the 5 speed car - the auto was actually 
easier to push around. The 5 speed is quicker but to me takes a bit more 


Dave Head?




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