[V8] Suspension Update

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 2 06:45:51 PDT 2008

I have to say 'better' from that balance between ride quality and 
firmness. The wife complains about how harsh the ride of the tornado red 
car - until she is behind the wheel. Its really only harsh at under 30 
mph on a 'non-smooth' road. At speed its marvelous.
The 5 speed with 18s still feels 'nervous' at highway speeds. At this 
point I think its mainly due to the Konis at full soft. Have no issue 
with the P-Zeros - great grip, quiet. I'll probly have an issue when I 
see the bill to replace them (the main reason I never went to 18s!

I also need to get into the door panels - they don't sound right when 
closing (almost tinny) and transmit a whole lot more road noise than any 
of my previous Audis (including 3 V8s). I have the feeling that when 
these doors were reskinned they didn't install the sound deadener 
panels. I'm hoping that dynamat will be acceptable or even improve that 
'bank vault' feel and lack of noise that I'm used to...

I haven't owned a 5 speed can since my chipped pearl 90 200q. It's 
taking a while to get used to a 5 speed again. I will agree that the 5 
speed is a whole different beast than an auto. It feels more reactive 
and is a driver's car to me. Now I have to admit that part of that feel 
has to come from the entirely new suspension underneath. I will probably 
unplug the steering assist - I like the unboosted feel of the 90 models.

I need to loose about 25 pounds too. My ass barely fits in these urS4 
seats. :-) Their ain't gonna be no body movement due to 'G' forces! I 
haven't been stuck in a seat like this since the alcantara sport seats 
in my '87!

qshipq at aol.com wrote:
 >   Dave
 > Interesting observations.  I will be interested to hear how the Konis 
work going softer with an 18.  IME, that doesn't work 'better'.  WRT 
handling comments, the v8 is my favorite of the type 44/C4 chassis.  I 
currently run a stock suspension (every bushing new in last 20k) with 
255/40 17's and the level of performance is much higher than a lot of 
'sport' suspensions I've driven.  She's heavy, but she dances well.  The 
5speed takes more concentration to get right, but I have confidence 
you'll find it.
 > With 2 3.6 cars and now a 4.2, I'm finding the rewards in working the 
M mode in the 4.2auto are far better than the 3.6 autos.  The 3.6 cars, 
I just left in sport mode, and with/without the ABT chip, the shifts 
were better than I could choose on my own in M mode.  The 4.2 with the 
TPS based shifting is a different beast.  With the ABT chip, too quick 
to downshift in E mode, and not quick enough in S mode.  It took me a 
long time to 'think like a 4speed', but the 4.2 in M mode can really 
reap the rewards I never got in the 3.6 cars.  All that said around town 
the 4.2 in econ gets better mileage than either of my 3.6 cars did.
 > I've actually held off doing anything to the suspension (currently 
stock with Boge turbo Gas), hoping that I will find something that ticks 
me off regarding the v8 handling.  The 4.2 driveline seems to be less 
caring about the larger wheels and tires, and the suspension is the 
first I've had with rubber everything baseline replaced at the same 
time.  A lot of work for the PO, but a good lesson that a 17year old car 
with new bushings can be really good.
 > Dave I look forward to more v8 comparos.  I'm grudgingly starting to 
like the torque of the 4.2 over the 3.6 willingness to zing to redline 
the 4.2 lacks.  As both my other drivers also reflect the torque 
philosophy (83 urq with 21psi k24, 94 landcruiser with TRD 
supercharger), I'm either getting older, wiser, lazy, or a combination 
of the 3?
 > Cheers
 > Scott J

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