[V8] suspension update

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Thu Oct 9 20:18:14 PDT 2008

Hey Ed, well, as I'm ordering an axle for the 93, and it needs 4 new  
shocks/etc, I'm just checking.  I still haven't mounted the HD's on  
the front of the '90(yes ron that was about 3 years ago) and read  
your post.  Was planning on swaping the Bilstein's to the 93(beater),  
(as I've got them), and maybe  going another route on the '90 
(baby).....Just curious, did the Koni's use the factory (boge) style  
cap nut on the fronts, or was it something different(as in the  
Bilstein)......Acquired the #2069 socket to remove the front(boge)  
inserts in place.  All springs are stock and any changing of springs  
will be done on the 93(higher mileage).....anyone out there with a  
package of shocks/and or springs they didn't like,let me know, as the  
93 needs anything, and am confident will be better than 4 leaked out  
shocks.   Will spare no expense on the '90(blue), but the 93 is a  
"spend as little as possible" deal....Sincerely Tom

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