[V8] suspension update

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 08:33:06 PDT 2008

Can't comment on the cap nuts as #1 I didn't do the work and #2 I don't
think the strut cartridges were removed in order to change just the springs.
I do have a brand new set of Konis with instructions that I can dig up and
see what is said about cap nuts or if any are supplied.

In re: the new set of Konis... those will free up a set of HD's at some
point.  I have HD's in my 5spd that don't have too many miles on them, I'd
say maybe in the neighborhood of 30k miles.  I have HD's in my Avant that
have way many more miles on them and they don't seem to have softened
appreciably so I'd think the 30k wouldn't be too much of a concern.  Those
HD's will go away too, probably earlier than the 5spd since that car is
driven more often (being replaced with used Boge-front and OEM-rear).

Oh yeah, I now have a set of H&R's that I will most likely sell as well.


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> Hey Ed, well, as I'm ordering an axle for the 93, and it needs 4 new  
> shocks/etc, I'm just checking.  I still haven't mounted the HD's on  
> the front of the '90(yes ron that was about 3 years ago) and read  
> your post.  Was planning on swaping the Bilstein's to the 
> 93(beater),  
> (as I've got them), and maybe  going another route on the '90 
> (baby).....Just curious, did the Koni's use the factory (boge) style  
> cap nut on the fronts, or was it something different(as in the  
> Bilstein)......Acquired the #2069 socket to remove the front(boge)  
> inserts in place.  All springs are stock and any changing of springs  
> will be done on the 93(higher mileage).....anyone out there with a  
> package of shocks/and or springs they didn't like,let me 
> know, as the  
> 93 needs anything, and am confident will be better than 4 leaked out  
> shocks.   Will spare no expense on the '90(blue), but the 93 is a  
> "spend as little as possible" deal....Sincerely Tom 
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