[V8] fuel filter, fuel line

Mike Arman Armanmik at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 11 15:32:14 PDT 2008

Trying to change the fuel filter in my 90 V8Q. Its the one just in front of the right rear wheel, 
fed by the fuel line from the top of the tank (pump outlet).

Dropped plastic shield for access, the "out" end came off without too much trouble, but the "in" end 
is a) inaccessible and b) stripped.

Taking off the banjo fitting at the tank outlet let me move the line down and forward *just* far 
enough to get wrenches onto it, 19mm on the line, larger on the fuel filter body.

The filter turns on the brass line fitting, and turns and turns and turns, never coming out - righty 
tighty or lefty loosey, same (non) result) won't go forward, won't go back, stripped right and 
proper. Brass fitting in aluminum can, been there since late 1989 or so. (Insert appropriate cuss 
words here - lots of them.)

Obviously, I can't use a torch here (duh), and I can barely get a hacksaw blade in there. A nut 
splitter won't work because the aluminum body is soft and will just bend, not crack in half like a 
steel nut. I also don't know what condition the threads on the fuel line collar will be in, assuming 
(big assumption) that I can get the dang thing off in the first place without ruining the threads on 
the supply line. Grr.

It sounds to me like it might actually be easier to get a replacement fuel line (tank to filter) and 
slide it in. Of course, the existing line is tightly squeezed between the tank and the body, and I'm 
willing to bet that trying to pull it out and thread a new one in is going to be pretty tough, to 
say the least.

I have a replacement filter, I just need to remove the "in" end of the old one OR swap another fuel 
line into it OR replace the end fitting on the existing line - which also sounds like lots of fun.

Open to suggestions, guys. Anyone have a line on a line? Ron W perhaps? Advice gratefully accepted.

(And just when gasoline is coming down to where I can drive this car without sticking up the nearest 
7/11 first. $3.49 for regular, $3.59 for mid grade, all prices headed south.) yeah!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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