[V8] Rim question NOW: UFO's forever!

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Mon Oct 13 05:57:41 PDT 2008

Another email from the well seller just now.  ET is 40, so I guess I will
pass on the wheels.  Probably just as well.

Incidentally Ron, I still have the replacement ABS unit sitting right here
in its box under my desk.  I have had zero time to play with the car since
it arrived, but will try to get it in this week to see if it ends my ABS
inop probablem.


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Yeah, I still have the UFOs and probably will have them for the rest of the
life of the car.  They work great, and since I seldom drive in what passes
for real traffic, I doubt that they will ever warp.

I am really concerned about the offset and whether or not the wheels would
clear the UFO's.  The wheels are located quite a distance in southern Maine,
so I won't get too excited about making the 375 mile trip without being
pretty sure that they will work on the V8.  The tires are too narrow for me
even in winter, but I might be able to deal if the wheels would work later

I do not have a part number but do have a picture and am going to try to
unload it from the website where the wheels are advertised, and then paste
it here.  Maybe you guys know what these are.

I am thinking that these might end up being under $100 a corner, so it is
worth exploring, at least.


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Still have the UFO's Roger? 

You can fit most anything under G60's, but what you have to be concerned
with, with the UFO's are the angle of the spokes. I've had comparable rims
with a 38et 7.5 wide & the spokes wouldn't clear.... but on the other hand
I've had 38et 7.5 wide rims that did fit.
 So as Tony said..... if you can test fit them that would obviously be the
best route to take.

 You have the part # of the rims?

 Ron & I'm a wheel whore

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> Roger, I don't see why they won't fit. Mine are 7X16
> with a 35mm offset, and 
> I don't have any problems at all. At 38mm, they
> won't stick out quite as 
> much, but will go inside a bit more. However, the factory
> BBS 16's were 8" 
> wide, so you shouldn't have a problem. I'd trial
> fit them before mounting 
> tires, though.
> Tony
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> Subject: [V8] Rim question
> >I have a chance to buy some interesting OEM rims and
> wonder if they will
> > radically fight with my V8.  I have asked the seller
> to give me the offset
> > and size and here is the information that I have
> received.  These are 16"
> > wheels.  According to the seller the numbers on the
> inside of the rims 
> > are:
> >
> > 38R675 5.08
> >      7.50Jx16H2.
> >
> > It would be extremely useful if someone out there has
> current Audi wheel
> > part numbers. I read these numbers are meaning that
> the rims are 7.50 
> > inches
> > wide and perhaps the offset is 38?
> >
> > Comments?
> >
> > Roger
> > 
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