[V8] S8/V8 musings...

Stafford, Kenneth A. stafford at WPI.EDU
Mon Oct 13 08:43:30 PDT 2008

Just got back after driving my new 2003 S8 1950 miles straight thru from Denver to Worcester MA.  Amazing car...but amazing how much of the V8Q still remains in its heritage.  I really miss the extra gauges from my V8, I miss the "coolness" of headlight wipers, the S8 sport seats are gorgeous but IMO not as comfortable for the long haul as my '91 Connolly's.  Got virtually the identical average gas mileage: 23.5 mpg at 71 mph avg.  A bit quieter (road noise) than my V8 at steady state--much throatier at WOT!

Parked next to my 2 V8Q's last night in my driveway.  The rear end of the V8Q's more attractive--hard to believe there are 12 years age difference.

So, I still have the 2 '91 V8Q's and lots of other spare parts.  Anyone want to make me an offer???

91 V8Q 200K, great runner
91 V8Q 169K, 95% complete parts car
01 TT 225 roadster 105K
03 S8 100K

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