[V8] Caution - about lister

S_Matus scott_matus at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 07:25:24 PDT 2008

I know I will be on the attack as soon as this is read by
the party which is the subject of this e-mail.  I understand this is part
of his personality and I do not fault him.

I have been a lister on this newsgroup since 2001 and value the information/advise
I receive on this list.  3 months ago I performed a service for a lister
on this newsgroup.  It was agreed to be a financial transaction.  I
completed the service and returned the product to the lister.  

Two (2) full months pass before without hearing anything or receiving
payment.  So I send an inquiry what the problem is.  All along I had
confidence I would be duly paid for this work.  Whereupon I receive a
reply stating the lister was unhappy with the quality of the work.  

TWO MONTHS LATER - Is when I hear of this dissatisfaction.  I expressed
that I would redo the coating work for his engine parts...

A series of reminder e-mails were sent in the last 4 weeks, but only to have
been belittled for asking for the payment.  I state that we are adults and
should stop playing the games.  I ask for a payment date, I have received
no date.

I think I have been patient and discovered that I have been publicly called a
"Moron" by this lister on
a popular Audi website forum.  This was totally uncalled for an indicative
of the character of the person I was dealing with; I forgive him for this

All I want is my payment o $240 + 52 Shipping.

Please be warned about transacting any financial business with this person.



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