[V8] Car stalled - code 2111

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 20 15:39:44 PDT 2008

That's the problem... replace your RPM sensor & all will be fine. & I would all so advise changing the crank sensor as well @ the same time.
When my old Pearl beast did the same thing I changed both sensors with 5ktq ones. There a bit cheaper than the V8 ones.


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> From: FreddyP <FreddyP24 at verizon.net>
> Subject: [V8] Car stalled - code 2111
> To: v8 at audifans.com
> Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 6:28 PM
> Hi Gang -
> My trusty beast left me stranded for the first time in over
> ten years the
> other day.  Died at a traffic light a couple of miles from
> home.  It
> restarted and then died while under way about 30 yards down
> the road.  I
> rolled into a parking lot on a side street and did some
> impromptu diagnosing
> to no avail.  Luckily there was a sandwich shop right there
> and I walked
> home eating my lunch.
> By the time I got my truck, borrowed a friends dolly, and
> got back to the
> car - guess what?  That's right, the V8 started right
> up.  So I drove it
> straight home and then walked back to get the truck (no
> sandwich this time).
> Pulled code 2111.  Does a faulty RPM sensor fit these
> symptoms?  Isn't there
> another sensor right there next to the RPM sensor?  Should
> I change that one
> while I'm there?
> TIA!
> Fred
> '90 V8
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