[V8] Car stalled - code 2111

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Mon Oct 20 15:43:53 PDT 2008

Yup, the ECU needs a signal from the engine speed (RPM) sensor to keep
operating the engine.  Subject to flaky behavior when overheated.  A dash
of cold water would have done the same thing as your time allowing
cooldown, if you could get it past the exhaust spaghetti to cool down the
sensor.  Very commonly reported that the other one will fail soon after
the first.  Be aware the other one is NLA, but they're identical except
the RPM one has gray connectors, so you can put some black tape on the
second one.  I have one V8 running with a 5K car's sensor in place of the
black one because that was cheaper.  You just have to be careful the extra
long wire is kept away from the exhaust.

One enterprising audifans member has installed an ABS sensor in place of
one or both of these things.

> Hi Gang -
> My trusty beast left me stranded for the first time in over ten years the
> other day.  Died at a traffic light a couple of miles from home.  It
> restarted and then died while under way about 30 yards down the road.  I
> rolled into a parking lot on a side street and did some impromptu
> diagnosing
> to no avail.  Luckily there was a sandwich shop right there and I walked
> home eating my lunch.
> By the time I got my truck, borrowed a friends dolly, and got back to the
> car - guess what?  That's right, the V8 started right up.  So I drove it
> straight home and then walked back to get the truck (no sandwich this
> time).
> Pulled code 2111.  Does a faulty RPM sensor fit these symptoms?  Isn't
> there
> another sensor right there next to the RPM sensor?  Should I change that
> one
> while I'm there?
> TIA!
> Fred
> '90 V8
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