[V8] Poor running Audi V8

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 22 00:00:45 PDT 2008

I would recommend that you make measurements with the wiring loom
disconnected (in fact I thought we were talking about a dizzy that was not
even in the car) 
 I assume that no reading means infinite resistance 

triple check by touching the two meter leads to the same dizzy pin and
verify the resistance is -0- ohms 
 if that works you probably have the open
circuit that Scott suggested.


Steve B

San José, CA (USA)



I did check with an ohmmeter today but didn't got any reading, does it have
to be connected to the cars wiring
while testing? 


urq skrev: 

You can do a basic check with an ohmmeter.  With the dizzy out of the car
you can power the thing up and verify that the sense output goes from high
to low as the rotor spins ... 
Should I need to reclaim my non-functional distributor I will attempt a
repair before replacing ... can't break it any worse is my motto ... 
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
-----Original Message-----
Just what I was afraid of.
Is there a way to test the hall sender when the distributor is out of
the car, I have a spare one from
another engine?
Scott Phillips skrev:

It looks like the hall sender is the culprit. It's not normally the
wiring to the hall sender (on the passenger distributor), rather that
the plug on the distributor has become brittle and the three (very)
small wires under it break. I don't believe that the sender can be
replaced without sourcing a replacement distributor. 

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