[V8] Engine direction of rotation

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Thanks to all of you, gentlemen.
The car has been sitting in my garage for the last three years or so  
waiting for a new TB, front brakes and an assorted number of other  
small issues.  Until last summer  I would start and run the engine  
regularly, until it started leaking gas from a line under the body.   
That was the previous summer.  Sitting quietly since.

About a month ago my 16-year old talked me into getting to work on it  
(I wonder why, anything to do with him taking a driver's licence test  
next month, perhaps)?  Right now I'm dismantling the front to get to  
the timing belt and want to rotate the engine after putting some oil  
into the cylinders.  If things look OK, I'll  do the TB, replace brake  
lines, clean calipers, install new fuel lines ..... etc.

I can't move it because it's on axle stands.  Actually, here's a  
question for you:  to remove the radiator support frame, I need to   
remove two bolts near the top, on the front, that are covered by the  
wire/spring thingy that acts as a lock for the hood.  I'm having  
trouble with it.  Do I need to remove the thingy or can I go around it?


91 V8Q 5-sp.

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Definatley clockwise.

  Just put the car in Nutral, pull the rad fan & the push the viscous  
clutch fan shroud to the pass side to get a socket & ratchet on the  
crank bolt.
  I'd all so pull the d-side t-belt cover to make sure the belt  
tension is still good..... not to mention you can see the operation of  
everything spinning visualy.
  All so, I'de pull the coil wires & turn the car over via the ign key  
to get the oil circulating.

  How long has the car been in storage?

  Ron 91 V8 5sp 4.2 AKA Black Betty Bam-A-Lam

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> Subject: Re: [V8] Engine direction of rotation
> To: "Radek" <radek at istar.ca>, v8 at audifans.com
> Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008, 7:01 PM
> clockwise, as you look at it. As if you are tightening the
> crankshaft bolt.
> Tony
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> > Hi guys;
> >
> > I know I'd asked this before, but what is the
> direction of rotation of the > engine?  I'm getting the car out of  
> storage and
> want to give the engine a > few turns by hand.  When I stand in  
> front of the car,
> with a 27-mm socket > on the crankshaft bolt, do I turn clockwise or
> counterclockwise?
> > Thanks;
> >
> > Radek
> > 91 V8Q 5-sp.
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