[V8] Hub Shark Adventure Story

frank j. bauer frankbauer at thevine.net
Tue Oct 28 15:33:46 PDT 2008

i think there's a c-clip that goes in before you press in the hub - did 
you remember that?
or maybe that's only on the earlier models...

kneale at knitknacks.com wrote:
> I got my 200q20v's wheel bearing out and back in and then foolishly
> pressed in the hub without backing the center of the bearing=one ruint
> bearing.  Next one went in a little less hapily, but I also got the hub
> pressed back in without destroying the binding.   Just a $40 lesson, I
> guess.  Anyway, anybody know how big a gap there should be between the hub
> and the bearing housing?  I have about a 4mm gap.  I didn't measure
> before, the bearing is against its shoulder and the hub end is at the
> inner bearing surface, but the gap just looks larger to me.

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