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When it's tight, give it a whack with a hammer.
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> The bearing inner came out with the hub, and I managed to get that pulled
> off the hub.
> However, the Hub Shark does not seem to want to pull the bearing outer
> part from the housing.  There's a great deal more resistance than for
> extracting the hub.  I've run my 3/4-drive CP impact wrench until the
> socket stops moving despite multiple seconds of additional hammering, and
> the thing just isn't coming.  Is there some other approach (other than
> removing the strut and going to a press)?
>> I'm preparing for my first use of a Hub Shark to replace a wheel bearing
>> on my 200q20vA.  I've removed the UFO caliper and the axle.  The Hub 
>> Shark
>> directions say to disconnect the lower control arm, but I presume that's
>> to make it possible to swing the bearing housing away from the axle so 
>> you
>> don't have to pull the axle.  Since I've already pulled the axle, is 
>> there
>> any reason to also disconnect the lower control arm?
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