[V8] Euro Lights adjusted way too high

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Having just BTDT, I can relate and maybe help.? First you need to make sure your adjusters are working at all.? The inner ones move the bezel up/down from center, the outer adj work the bezels in/out from center.? If the adjusters aren't working you have an issue inside the lights.? If you are just at the max range, you can get more baseline center adjustment by moving the top mounting tabs forward (lights aim down) or aft (lights aim up).? I suspect if your adjusters appear dead, you have an issue inside the housings.? There are several ball and sockets that are the fulcrums and only 1 rack and pinion adjuster for up/down and 1 rack and pinion adjuster for right/left.? 

According to the tags on the housings of the lights, you should be able to adjust up/down by 10degrees, that's a lot.? If you can't get the adjusters to work at all, you need to pull the? the headlights back out, take the lenses off and <carefully> unclip the chrome bezel.? This will expose the reflector mounting sockets and pinions.? They are pretty easy to figure out.? In my case two of the ball and sockets were broken off.? I used very small set screws and gorilla glue (dry application to give more structure vs wetting both sides) and they are stronger than the good side.? I have also seen the adjusters completely backed out of the pinion which also requires that you remove the lense to help start threading the bezel back onto the adjusting rack.

You might be able to pull the covers off and pull back on the housing while turning the adjuster to see if you can get it to reseat.? 

The bottom line best advice on v8 euros is to make sure you have the adjusters fully functional before mounting.? Redo of v8 Euros is a bunch of no fun.

HTH and my .02

Scott J
92 v8 chipped and euros



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I finally got around to fitting the European lights that had been  
sitting in my garage for a year.
First of all, I couldn't believe how long it took to get them in.
I removed the bumper, but felt like there must be a simpler way to  
get them in?
Anyway, after all the plastic bits that could disintegrate, did  
disintegrate, they are finally sitting pretty, and now,
they are very good at illuminating the neighbor's trees.
Because I was scared that planes landing at Dulles might consider  
them runway lights, I tried to adjust them.
But the adjustment range is way off. The right one might just dip  
below the back of a Escalade's rear wiper blade with flat tires, but  
the left one is still revealing what my neighbor Joe does before he  
goes to bed at night.  What's more, twiddling the adjuster is about  
as effective as my  attempts to reduce the car's incessant oil leaks.
Has anyone got some dipping medicine for these lights?  Otherwise I  
might be just forced to jack the back end up 2 feet, and then,no one  
on this list would want to admit that they knew me!  :)


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