[V8] Euro Lights adjusted way too high

Wed Sep 3 16:35:27 PDT 2008

Wow.....may the gods have mercy on you for comparing your Audi to a Toyota 
= (
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> Well, thanks for the input guys.
> I didn't want to hear the bit about "remove the headlights" though.
> What a stupid idea, to have to remove the bumper first.
> Anyway . . .
> I did a little poking around in the back of the lamp.
> The adjuster turns nicely, the wire turns inside, the plastic rack
> and pinion turns great, the bolt in the plastic shaft is shiny and
> new and rotates away, but ALAS, it looks like the plastic shaft isn't
> really connected to the lamp bezel!
> So I tried tilting the lamp bezel, and sure enough I could rock it up
> and down.
> Unfortunately, because it's too deep inside,  I can't see how the
> connection is made or why it is disconnected.
> Why on earth should it come apart anyway?
> Sigh . . . .
> I wonder if Toyotas have this problem.
> Maybe I should sell it. "V8 Quattro, cheap. Best driven during
> daylight hours."
> Mark.
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