[V8] heater ignores climate control head and swear words

Karl D. Middlebrooks benzeenprophet at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 5 13:52:32 PDT 2008

After sitting up for nearly a year, outside in the pacific northwest, with a broken out passenger side front window (I covered it with plexiglass to keep most of the weather out) and the tail lights off, V8 #1 (a '90) finally got some attention from me. Crazy folks aren't buying old German gas guzzlers, so it seemed a shame to just let it rot.

I'll say this...despite sitting for a year, all it needed was a freshly charged battery, some oil, and some coolant and it started right up, strong as ever. 

It does have sort of a kooky problem, though, that started before I put it out to pasture: the heater blows nice hot air at all times, regardless of what buttons I push on the climate control, and no matter how much I swear at it in English (maybe I need German swear words?). Setting the climate control to be on will activate the AC (though it's not charged), but the heater keeps blowing nonetheless.

I know winter's coming up, and I shouldn't complain about having heat, but...ya know...in the interest of being able to control the beast...anyone have any idea what causes that behavior and how to stop it?

Driving the 90 V8Q has put a big grin on my face again. I love my 93 maybe just a little bit more, but I swear that driving the 90 is a little bit different experience, and not just because of the .6 liters....

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