[V8] Timing belts

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Sep 17 19:48:48 PDT 2008

Vote number 2 on the "get rid of the cams"....I just read an article  
while waiting to get my new tires put on the truck about some  
"camless design" motors and the biggest benefit I see is that there  
won't be anything to  physically explode an expensive motor if the  
"timing is off".....Every time I've replaced a head.....even after  
rotating it a bunch....I'm terrified of turning the key.  My '90 had  
the timing belt done @52K(03) before I got it, and now has 105K and I  
haven't even started it after looking at the belt...knew it was time,  
but if it looked like that a year ago, would have parked it  
then...one side of the tooth is rounded, and there are small  
cracks....plan to push it into the garage when I've got the time/ 
money to do the belt so it doesn't blow up in the driveway.....plus,  
the parts order was to include 2 5000QT reference senders, and I'm  
waiting to hear the prognosis on this ABS thing.......Got a sticky  
note on folder that say's Arvin Meritor(rockwell,WABCO)...TDA/R955341 
(via Freightliner/Sterling/Western Star......$23.65(ABS wheel  
sensor)....someone posted that at some point, and haven't needed one,  
but let the experiment begin.....Tom 

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