[V8] urS4 seats in a v8 or 200

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 23 20:23:29 PDT 2008

I wrote this up when I put ecru urS4 seats in my 92 V8 back in '04. Plug 
and play.
The 90 and earlier models ARE wired differently and you have to switch 
connectors. BTDT on my 90 200q when I put later model sport seats in it 
back around '99.

Dave Head
91 V8q 5 speed alpine white/pearl (urS4 seats going in w/in a week)
90 V8q tornado red (prepping for sale)
90 V8q lago blue (the hanger queen)
03 Deville (pearl) the wife's ride
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92 V8q green (gone to NC - the Dr. Jones V8q)
90 200q pearl (gone to New York)
87 5KCSTQ (gone to Utah)
79 5000CS (stayed in CA - my first Audi)

Ed Kellock wrote:
> I could have sworn I saved some email about doing this, more specifically
> what needs to be done to mate the seat wiring, but I can't find anything
> either in my email or online.
> I have a set that I want to put in my 91 Avant.  Does anyone have some
> info about what needs to be done to get the electrics connected up
> properly?
> Thanks,
> Ed
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