[V8] Who's had a bad had gasket?

Sat Apr 4 15:50:42 PDT 2009

I respectfully disagree Cobram.  While I agree its ok to use none Audi 
antifreeze, it should be a silicate and phosphate free antifreeze. There is 
a member on one of the other Audi forums with an AAN head that has corroded 
water jackets, rendering the head useless due to the green stuff. With 
premium aftermarket antifreeze selling upwards of 13-14 dollars now, I spend 
the little extra, and buy the o.e. g12 for $18 per gallon from Audi. That's 
cheaper than the $12 per liter for Pentosin

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> Anything but the run of the mill green (blue or whatever), safe for
> aluminum coolant is a waste of money.  This was beaten to death on the
> main list a while back, with a resident industrial chemist explaining it.
> I've been running the "evil green" Prestone in all my Audi's (including
> 2 V8Q's) for over 2 decades now (starting with my '84 5KS and lesser '82
> 5K before that), if something was going to happen, I figure it should
> have by now.
> Never had a head gasket problem on any of them.  Any engine that starts
> blowing head gaskets en mass is a design, manufacture or material flaw,
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> "toml99 at todomundo.com" <toml99 at todomundo.com> writes:
>> Hey, was just thinking about stuff, and was wondering on a percentage
>> base, who's had a head gasket problem?.....Most steel block/aluminum
>> head cars have issues around 150K, and was reading on the Saab site
>> tonight that many are going to a phosphate-free type of coolant.
>> Pearl car still has the green coolant in it(evil), and plan to fix
>> that this weekend.  Don't hear of a lot of people complaining of
>> head
>> gasket issues with the v8....(good thing).  With a properly
>> maintained car, who's had a head gasket issue?.....Just looking for
>> another reason to validate our obsession.........Tom
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