[V8] Bearing puller

J123fs at aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Wed Apr 8 09:43:44 PDT 2009

Hi all,
Need to replace another wheel bearing on the car.
Considering buying one of Harbor Freight bearing-hub-shark-cheapo bearing  
press setups.
I remember a series of threads on it, but not on if it will work well on a  
Anyone have any -real- experience with their unit?? Not just hearsay.
I know the "real" Hub-Sharks work well as I used to use them at the Garage  I 
worked at years ago. I really can't spring for the 400 large for one thought, 
 as that would be half the cost of the Quaife diff I'm saving for. 
The 70 dollar cost of the Harbor Freight is doable though...but, if it is a  
total POS then off to the local machine shop and another 30 bucks.
Let me know and TIA!
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