[V8] Climate control stuff

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Apr 15 23:55:28 PDT 2009

Hey, first off thanks to Kent who I believe posted the Climate  
Control Codes in the Knowledgebase.  My manual for the '90 was no  
help for the '93 and I had'nt bothered doing anything about the  
"stuck on HI" problem till it hit 60 the other day.  That write-up  
had my climate control talking to me in minutes....It had 3 codes.... 
08.5(Temp regulator flap,static block),15.1(Air flow flap motor  
Pot,static open),29.4(belt slip detection "hard",sporadic).   That  
was a week ago, and haven't had the time to even drive the car.  I  
recall others having trouble with the servo motor.  I remember going  
in on the blue car and spraying the brushes on the fan with cleaner/ 
lube and it solved my intermittent fan issue, and at the time being  
thankful that I didn't need to actually remove anything from that area 
(yet).  From what I read, I'll assume that the Temp regulator flap is  
stuck on HI, for one reason or another.  In reading the section for  
my '90 there's a flowchart on testing the Temp regulator flap/ 
system......Since the 93 has the different control system, I'll  
assume I shouldn't waste time going thru the motions with the book I  
have.....Was wondering, as this is the "beater", if I could just  
disconnect the linkage/wires to the Temp Flap and manually move it  
from HI to Low /Winter/summer.  Of course making it right is ideal,  
but got too many pans on the fire right now.....Any ideas would be  
appreciated...Sincerely Tom

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