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Thu Apr 16 10:14:56 PDT 2009

... are you talking about a V8 or a 5k/200?  On my  '91 the motor that
drives the blend doors is attached to the HVAC box ... and is mounted close
to the windshield and wiper motor.  I don't know how easy it is to access
with the HVAC box in place, but I suspect it may be difficult.  

If I wanted to turn off the heat I would find some way to cut off the flow
to the heater core ... I'm pretty sure this means pulling the vacuum line,
but it may involve applying a constant vacuum source.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Yes, you can move it manually. Pull the cover up that resides under the hood

in the cowl area. On the passenger (right) side of the heater box, you will 
see where the cable attaches. Not sure what way it goes, but disconnect the 
cable and wire or duct tape it into the position you want. Of course, wire 
would be better, as you can simply undo it and swap positions in the winter.


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Subject: [V8] Climate control stuff

Was wondering, as this is the "beater", if I could just
> disconnect the linkage/wires to the Temp Flap and manually move it
> from HI to Low /Winter/summer.  Of course making it right is ideal,
> but got too many pans on the fire right now.....Any ideas would be
> appreciated...Sincerely Tom

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