[V8] considering adding another audi...

John Bysinger doog at bysinger.net
Thu Apr 16 12:07:24 PDT 2009

I'm supposed to look at a 2001 S4 avant sometime next week (friend of a
friend, private sale) and I thought I'd check in here for opinions and
advice.  My '90 V8 is the only Audi I've owned, and although it's primarily
my wife's daily driver, I've really enjoyed it.  But it's starting to show
it's age.  Would going to the S4 from the V8 be a traumatic change?  Any
advice on issues to look for on the S4?  I've been told it has 120k miles,
which seems somewhat high, especially for a turbo application.  The current
owners have 3 other Audi's and (in theory) have likely taken good care of
it, and the price sounds reasonable at around 1000 under kbb's private party
Any advice, ramblings, mutterings, grumblings, or stories are welcome!

'90 V8Q
-john at bysinger.net

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