[V8] reversing lights

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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The switch actually makes contact on the negative side of things. So, just 
find the wire in the harness from the existing automatic multi-function 
switch, it's Brown/Black. It goes to the TCU. Cut and run it to the existing 
manual trans switch. On the other side of the switch, connect a wire there 
and to ground.


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> Ron Wainwright wrote:
>> I had thought this issue was resolved. We/Scott Phillips talked about it 
>> on Dana's thread on MG Kent.
>> But just to be sure have you checked the fuse?
> I haven't checked the fuse but the ace wrench says the wires aren't there.
> He also says that the automatic reversing lights are triggered off some
> controller that now sits wire-tied in the engine compartment up near the
> brake master cylinder.  I understand that the 5-speed has a switch on it
> that opens/closes with the shifter in reverse.  The wrench declined to
> debug it, as it might take hours.
> My thought was to find a 12V power source (keyed or constant), run a wire
> from it to the switch, then the switch to the reversing lights. But the
> wrench offered that to get from under the car to inside the trunk would
> require cutting holes or finding and breaking into the reversing wiring
> harness.
> I figure finding 12V at the fuse panel would be easy enough. Running
> wire to and from the switch on the transmission would be less easy.
> But finding where to tie into the reversing lights themselves, and
> disabling the existing wiring in case it shorts out, would be the
> challenge.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?
> -- 
> Kent
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