[V8] Climate control stuff

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Sat Apr 18 14:07:38 PDT 2009

Well as a matter of fact, did find another large mouse nest(see  
link),but wasn't blocking any moving parts.  I went thru some of the  
tests(from my '90 manual), and it's leaning on being the servo  
motor.....My goal was just to disconnect it and manually move the  
lever(thanks again Tony for the verification), which was made much  
simpler when I snapped the brittle linkage piece.  With the motor  
out, could not budge it manually and looks a bit corroded(mouse piss/ 
salt air).  The linkage broke at the motor, and it looks like it's  
part of the motor assembly.   With it disconnected, the lever's on  
the other side moved freely..  Not only does it not blow hot air, the  
AC works great!  Whole thing took about an hour. The linkage has  
enough resistance that I think it will stay in any position, and it's  
just a matter of lifting the cover, and moving it(easier than on the  
old saab that I lived with similar situation for years).  The "Deal  
of the Century" just moved up a huge notch away from parts  


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