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> Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, 12:46 PM
> I'm not sure using stock V8 springs on your 20vt is a
> good choice to lower
> the car.

What are you talking about? I didn't ask for stock V8 springs... if I wanted stock V8 springs I'd pillage my parts stash for the many sets I have. V8 stock springs will actually raise the car a bit.

>I do have a 91 200 20V Sedan with lowering
> springs for V8.   The
> effect of the lowering is rather interesting because the
> set was designed
> for heavier cars, so I assume.

 True in that the V8 is a bit heavier than a 200 20v

>The end results -  the car
> does not look
> like it's been lowered to unsuspecting eyes, but when
> you get in or out of
> the car, you do feel the difference - it is much lower than
> normal.   How do
> I know?
>Because I have another one with stock springs to
> compare.  Every
> time I get out of my car with V8 springs, I feel the ground
> is much much
> closer.  In fact, I like the lowering effect for my daily
> driving.

I have no idea how that makes any sense @ all???? It doesn't look lowered... but is???? impossible!

> course, for all-out track applications, it may not be low
> enough or stiff
> enough.  

 If I wanted a setup for track I'd just put my 2B front & rear coilovers with Koni adjustables & 750/800lb spring rates from my Black V8 5sp mit 4.2 on my 200 20vt. But all I want is a used set from eather a V8 or a //scar :-)


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> As subject states. There for my 20vt. I thought I seen
> someone say they had
> a used set they pulled off there V8's?
> Shoot me a mail off list please.
>  Ron
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