[V8] hood opening, again

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sun Apr 19 16:51:16 PDT 2009

I pull the lever under the dash and just the passenger side of the hood pops,
but the driver side stays latched. I can't get my fingers under the driver
side of the hood. Oy. I'll try again tomorrow.  I may need to use a needle
nose pliers to pull further on the cable under the dash. When I do, I'm
going to wire up an emergency pull cord. Suggestions?

It's a good thing the price was right, or I'd be not happy. There's another
5-speed in the marketplace, in case anyone wants to share my miser.

Kent McLean
1999 A4 Avant, V6 Tiptronic
1991 200 TQA #3, with mods
1990 V8 w/5-speed and other mods
gone: '91 200 TQA x2, '94 100 S Avant, '89 200 TQ "Bad Puppy"

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