[V8] hood opening, again

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 19 20:16:53 PDT 2009

That newley popped up 5sp FS is Willoubey's. I can personally give this particular V8 5sp two thumbs up!

 When you had the hood open last Kent did you notice if the release guides were white plastic or metal? Could be the d-side one broke.... could be the cable has enough slack.... or is bent so the guide popps out of the release mechagnism on the front support??

& as far as the NLA hood release cables.... I got a bunch of them ;-)

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> .... it's a 4.2 too ... hmmm ... 
> OOOOPS!  You were talking about the hood release ... :-)
> The way the release mechanism works, if you can get one
> side loose the other
> almost has to do likewise.  Perhaps you can convince it to
> come loose by
> pushing the hood down on that side as someone pulls the
> release handle in
> the car.  When they have the cable pulled you can see if
> the driver's side
> will pop up.  Otherwise, I'd try the same thing
> you're thinking ... pull the
> release cable a little farther by grabbing it ... I'd
> recommend vise grips.
> Be careful as I heard the release cable for the V8 is NLA
> ... 
> Bon chance!
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
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> I pull the lever under the dash and just the passenger side
> of the hood
> pops,
> but the driver side stays latched. I can't get my
> fingers under the driver
> side of the hood. Oy. I'll try again tomorrow.  I may
> need to use a needle
> nose pliers to pull further on the cable under the dash.
> When I do, I'm
> going to wire up an emergency pull cord. Suggestions?
> It's a good thing the price was right, or I'd be
> not happy. There's another
> 5-speed in the marketplace, in case anyone wants to share
> my miser.
> -- 
> Kent McLean
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