[V8] e-code headlights and safety inspection

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squareback diesel automatic?

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>> From my experience it depends on the state and the stamping on the
>> lights. We've had euro headlights on the V8 and 5k for a long time
>> and they passed inspection. But, the last time I took the V8
>> through inspection, this is in New Joisey, they failed me because
>> the taillights and signal lights did not have a dot stamp on them.
>> I had put on the smoked lenses that Bruce was selling a few years
>> ago. Now they didn't fail me for the euro headlights so I assume
>> they have some sort of stamp that the New Jersey inspection system
>> accepts.

They probably didn't "notice" the E lights.  The smokies, however, 
scream "look at me and make sure I'm legal".

As someone said, it's like pulling in in a piece of junk - they'll check 
*everything* carefully if the car looks like it might be trouble.  Heck, 
back when I briefly owned a POS VW squareback (no rear bumper, no heater 
boxes, five "uninspected" tickets in six weeks...), I actually had 
places send me away on sight.

Huw Powell


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