[V8] hood opening, again

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Mon Apr 20 17:32:04 PDT 2009

i JUST went through this yesterday.  what i did was snake a really long
screw driver through the grill past the rubber bits on the core support and
actually catch the hood release spring on the core side and popped the hood
open.  at first it took me about 45 minutes to get the feel for it.  after
that, i was able to pop the thing in 10 seconds flat.

i have not been following this whole thread, but it sounds to me like the
cable retainers broke.  on my old MBZ when this happened. i unscrewed the
hood release leaver inside the car and yanked on it (much easier than your
method).  that gave me the ability to pull i further than the radius action
of the leaver would allow.  i m not sure if this method would work on the
audi, but i don't see why not.

if you do have access to a hoist, one can get up from underneath with a coat


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> From: Kent McLean <kentmclean at comcast.net>
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> Subject: Re: [V8] hood opening, again
> Ron Wainwright wrote:
>> & as far as the NLA hood release cables.... I got a bunch of them ;-)
> I would starve if I were a professional mechanic.
> I did the on-your-back under-the-dash pretzel move to see if I could manually
> pull the cable. With one hand shining a flashlight on the problem area, I
> pulled the the hood release, which exposed the cable. With my third hand I
> tried
> pulling the cable with a needle nose pliers.  No go. Either my grip wasn't
> good
> enough, or the stiffness of the cable and the release knob bumping the trim
> panel prevented any more movement of the cable.
> I had no luck trying to snake a coat hanger under the hood to hook the cable.
> With the lowered suspension on the car, I can't even get my head under the
> front
> bumper to look up and maybe catch a glimpse of the hood release cable.
> If anyone has an underhood shot of the release cable and how it releases the
> first-level latches, I'd appreciate it. I'm also wide open to any crazy ideas.
> I'm not yet at the point of nuking it, but I'm close.
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