[V8] hood opening, again

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Mon Apr 20 17:33:57 PDT 2009

one more thing, have someone press down on the hood while you do whatever u
r doing.  may help to take some of the tension off the spring and pins.


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> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 20:02:49 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [V8] hood opening, again
> Ron Wainwright wrote:
>> & as far as the NLA hood release cables.... I got a bunch of them ;-)
> I would starve if I were a professional mechanic.
> I did the on-your-back under-the-dash pretzel move to see if I could manually
> pull the cable. With one hand shining a flashlight on the problem area, I
> pulled the the hood release, which exposed the cable. With my third hand I
> tried
> pulling the cable with a needle nose pliers.  No go. Either my grip wasn't
> good
> enough, or the stiffness of the cable and the release knob bumping the trim
> panel prevented any more movement of the cable.
> I had no luck trying to snake a coat hanger under the hood to hook the cable.
> With the lowered suspension on the car, I can't even get my head under the
> front
> bumper to look up and maybe catch a glimpse of the hood release cable.
> If anyone has an underhood shot of the release cable and how it releases the
> first-level latches, I'd appreciate it. I'm also wide open to any crazy ideas.
> I'm not yet at the point of nuking it, but I'm close.
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